What is behind the curtain?

In this reading, we will lift the curtains and explore how to make sophisticated investment advice inexpensive and accessible.Most people always hear or read about how wealth managers, another name for investment advisers, take advantage of their clients: they charge hefty fees and offer biased advice. 

Now, we would like to offer you OUR service: When using Sonoman Investments, you will see your portfolio managed in a way you have never seen before with our Folio Model. We want, in the end, what you want, which is good, well-thought investing strategies and safeguard of your hard -earned money. Our system could not be SIMPLER.

If you don't believe us, see for yourself: http://www.sonomaninvestments.com

We pride our service in the phrase "we eat our own cooking". Your money will not go anywhere where ours is not going. 

- Our foundation:​​​We handpick our investments with much precision. Our next best idea has to be as good as our current one. We follow what we like to call, the Buffett approach. We look for a big moat around the castle, plenty of safeguard against financial catastrophies and an upside potential.​​

- Our cost:We start at 1.5% of total assets (negotiable) + a custodian fee (non-negotiable). The custodian fee is not to our benefit but is a required charge by the broker to handle all the accounts.           

- ​​Our offer:We differ from your overall financial adviser by not relying our service on how much money we manage, but how we manage your money. We simplify our service in order to avoid burdening you with investment decisions. In only a few minutes, we can have a business plan that will be monitored and re-balanced.

- Our glass door​All accounts and personal information you provide will be private. Your money never circulates through our hands, you have absolute control of it and the ultimate decision of whether to invest or keep your money with us is done by you.

In the end, we want you happy, and the only way to accomplish this is by having an open-book relation. 

This is why, if you have any questions, no matter how small they are, please contact us at http://www.sonomaninvestments.com 

Written by:
Alex Lopez
Posted on:
July 28, 2017